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Is first year teaching a bit of a bludge?

Not too long ago I made the second video in my "bludge" series, where I put my (not weird at all) penchant for meticulously tracking my time to good use by analysing (with tongue-in-cheek) whether my various forays into the world of teaching are in fact a "bludge". Here's a link to the video if you haven't seen it:

After undertaking this analysis and seeing in no unclear terms the brutal reality of the "all-inclusive" hourly rate I experienced, I began to seriously question my decision to switch careers, especially as I'm currently home-hunting and facing the demoralising reality of what the banks are willing to lend me (vis-a-vis what homes cost in the ever-increasingly unaffordable Sydney market).

Thankfully, I anticipated such wobbles quite early on in my teaching endeavours and (as I am prone to do), made the following pros and cons list to lean on in my moments of doubt:

As you can see, in my current life situation there are many more pros than cons. I'm posting this here as a reminder to myself, and also as potential encouragement for anyone else who may be pondering a switch away from teaching. As the common refrain goes: "teachers don't do it for the money". That said, more money wouldn't hurt 🤑



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