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Tangential musings of a pre-service teacher

Back in February I took the LANTITE, which is a literacy and numeracy test that all pre-service teachers must conquer before they can become fully qualified. When a few of my fellow students were preparing for their numeracy test in May, I put together a practice test walkthrough to help them prepare. This led to requests for me to do the same thing for literacy, which I recently found time to smash through (thanks largely to the lockdown giving me nothing but time).

What I found interesting about this process is that when working through the literacy test for the second time, I found myself going off on tangents and musing about the teaching implications of the artefacts I was reading, on topics as varied as formative assessments, constructivism and student-centred learning. I certainly didn't do this the first time around, and I think it is revealing to see how far I've come (after just one semester) in my ability to think critically and reflect more deeply on what teaching and learning is about.

Check out the video below to see a montage of these tangential musings. Obviously I'm not advocating that my views are necessarily correct, but hopefully they are at least thought provoking. I'm always a big fan of healthy debate, so if there's something I raise that you'd like to share your views on, please don't hesitate to leave a YouTube comment and keep the conversation going.



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